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Nate spread the gospel of the deli in the locker room, and soon all the players and coaches were going there. Especially faithful was defensive lineman Daniel Stubbs, who settled on a more calorie conservative sandwich than Newton -- a sausage patty, scrambled eggs, bacon, American cheese, between a sliced biscuit. Stubbs ate so many of these that Khorrami asked him if he could name the sandwich "The Stubbs.'' Stubbs said sure, and a legend was born

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Revitalizing old Coppell

  1. Main Street Community

  2. City Government

  3. City Manager Clay Phillips

  4. Coppell Deli Reopening

Coppell Deli Reopens!!

   Now serving!  Thanks for all your patience with the construction!  Come enjoy our new building and expanded accommodations, and expanded menu too!  Also check back for our GRAND REOPENING EVENT coming soon!

  BETHEL Road Construction -  Just a note to those who normally come from the east on Bethel Road - only the west bound lane is open for now.  So you’ll need to catch a detour like Southwestern to return to Denton Tap Road.  Or you can take Coppell Road over to Sandy Lake.